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Welcome to CkyBuy.com!
Do you want to start your wholesale or retail business on your locality? Do you want to be the next success selling on ebay, amazon or your own website? Join us now,we can offer plenty of opportunity to start your own website business,as well as making substantial profits by selling on eBay and many other auctions websites.If you have ever had desire to work for yourself, part-time,full-time,no doubt you get the right way here.
Ckybuy.com is a global retailer & wholesaler for jewelry online,we provide metal jewelry,silver jewelry accessories and sterling silver jewellery including jewelry earrings,fashion necklace,bracelet,pendant charms,rings,etc.We make it a priority to offer you the best price and service as we can.
Advantage For Dropship:
1.No Extra stocks left,minimizes risk
2.No Need For Huge Wholesale Purchases
3.No Need For Inventory Space
Frequently Asked Questions
The price on ckybuy.com is my price ?
No, the prices on ckybuy.com Jewelry is the retail price. You can see discounted prices and recieve detailed instructions,
however you have to email to us or live-chat with us first.
Do you charge fees for drop shipping?
No. It is free to join, so there are no membership or drop ship fees.
How to be our dropship member?
Register our website & confirm you want to be our dropship member via email . Then your account will be upgrated to dropship
account and get our dropship member discount coupon code.
Is there a minimum per order?
No, there is no minimum for each order.
How much do your products cost?
Send us an email or live chat with us and you will receive complete price.
What's the shipping method you are available?
We accept DHL,EMS and Air mail.Any other shipping method you expect,please contact us.
What are your shipping charges?
The details you can visit in the shopping cart,which you have to add the product to the cart and you can see it.
Then select your country & which shipping method you need.Different place,different shipping way,different price.
Where do you ship to?
We can ship to all over the world.
Where is your production shipped from ?
Our products is shipped from China.
How long does it take you to process orders and ship them?
We generally ship in 2-3 days. Thanks for your patience.
My question is not answered here. What shall I do?
Not a problem! Send us an email and ask any question you like. Email : ckybuy@gmail.com
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