How to check my order

Afer you placed an order, you should receive three emails from us. The first email will be sent once you place an order. The second email will be sent once payment is received and confirmed. Finally, the third email will be sent once the packages are shipped. 

You can log in your account to check all of your order status.

The "My Orders" tab link found under the "My Account" page provides the most recent information regarding your order.

We use the following terms to show your order status:
1. Unpaid –The order you placed have not been paid yet. Please complete and pay for order in 24 hours.
2. Payment Processing –We are verifying your payment information.
3. Paid –You have paid the order successfully.
4. Dispatched –Your order is on its way. A tracking number may be available for your shipment.We will Email you  your tracking number.
5. Delivered –Your order has been arrived your destination and signed.
6. Undelivered – Your order has not arrived at your destination or your order has not signed.

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