What you shall know when buy silver jewelry

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When you’ve decided to buy silver jewelryonline ,what shall you know before you buy it?The first step is to understand how much

silver you really have,I mean the silver purity jewelry. You may think those jewelry for girls are 100% silver, but they may not be. They could be silver plated and actually have very little silver content, in which case you would be very disappointed with the amount of money that is offered. However, if you have silver jewelry that you know is plated, you may be surprised at the amount of money that even silver plate is worth, given the high price of silver these days.

Two simple ways tell you how to judge on base if the silver is real.

1. Nobody want to make the loss bussiness,so the price is the one of important judge conditions.Usually I saw a website was selling big silver big rings for girls and just checking several bucks.It’s unnormal at all beacause the silver raw takes more money than a fine jewelry.

2. From the stamp.You can look for a sterling mark such as “S925” or “925.”or “Sterling”,“Ster”.If the jewelry has a sterling mark, then you can reasonably believe that the item is 92.5% pure silver jewelry. If there is no sterling mark, then it is likely that cheap metal is plated with silver, or may not contain any silver at all.

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