How can you know if the jewelry is silver ?

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Many people like to buy silver jewelry such silver earring,necklace,rings & bracelet,but how can you know if  what you get is solid silver jewelry?Let me introduce some ways to distinguish silver jewelry.

1.From the stamp.You can look for a sterling mark such as “S925” or “925.”or “Sterling“.If the jewelry has a
sterling mark, then you can reasonably believe that the item is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal,usually copper. If
there is no purity marking, then it is likely that it’s cheap metal plated with silver, or may not contain any silver at all.

2.Use A Magnet.Another simple test is to see if the item sticks to a magnet. Silver is a non-ferrous metal, meaning that
it contains no iron, and therefore will not stick to a magnet.

3.Drop your jewelry onto the floor.If the sound is steady ,the tone is low & rebound not high, then it’s silver. If the tone is high,then it is likely fake.

4.Take it on your hand to feel if it’s heavy.As we all know, silver is heavy,aluminium is light,the copper is not so heavy
and not so light.

5.As we all know silver is soft metal.Usually silver can be easily bent when you push it,if not or very hard to bent it,
then it maybe not silver.Also ,silver can be scratched by pin.

6.Also you can probably do an acid test to determine the silver content of your jewelry.Place a few drops of nitric acid
onto the scratched surface. The results will determine if your piece is real or fake. If the liquid turns green, the item
is only silver plated. If the liquid turns a cloudy grey color, this piece is guaranteed sterling silver. Even though
anyone can buy silver test kits, it is not recommended that this testing be done at home as the acids are very strong and
need to be handled very carefully to avoid burns.

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