what is rhodium plated silver ?

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What is rhodium plated silver jewelry? Rhodium plated silver means silver material jewelry,and plated with rhodium on the silver surface to keep it out of tarnish.Sometimes the silver jewelry manufacturer  chooses silver plating on the silver material, just the same purpose,but I think rhodium is better. However ,you shall be aware that rhodium plating does not last forever,any platings


on metal surface can not last for a long time. The plating on something that takes a lot of wear, like wedding  rings for girls, can be kept the plating for one to two years, while gold plating can be kept in one year for silver jewelry.So we would like to advise you if you buy jewelry ,you鈥檇 better choose a plating looks as the origianl color,for example,brass jewelry choose gold plating,and silver choose rhodium plating.

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