How do you know if pearls are real ?

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Every lady have pearl jewelry ,from salt pearl  necklace to freshwater pearl rings for girls,from natural pearl pretty necklace  to cultured pearl bracelet ,from real pearl to imitation pearl. Do you want to know if pearls are real ? If  it鈥檚 fake ,what material is it ?

Silver Pearl Bracelet

Silver Pearl Bracelet

Imitation pearls usually created by solid glass,fill-wax glass pearl and mother of pearl (MOP).

1)The surface for solid glass pearl is very hard to carve by a headpin.

2)The hollow glass filled with wax is very light,and the middle is soft when you pricked by a headpin.

3)Mother of pearl is not real peal,it鈥檚 a kind of shell which plated with pearl color.It鈥檚 very easy to to be scratched.

A very easy way to distinguish if it鈥檚 real pearl : frict two pearls and when there have pearl power slip down,then it鈥檚 real.
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