How to determine silver?

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When you have a 925 silver jewelry but you are not sure how to know if it's real, what 
would you do? When you had bought a silver jewelry but you are not sure if it is real 
silver but you want to buy rings for girls, what shall you do? Now we tell you how to 
determine your silver jewelry with simple ways.

How to determine silver jewelry?
1.Sterling silver jewelry is stamped “s925”,“925”marking somewhere. If the jewelry 
has a sterling mark, then you can reasonably believe your jewelry is 925 silver jewelry. 
If there is no any sterling marking, then it is likely that cheap metal is plated with 
silver, or may not contain any silver.
2.Use your silver scratch on the white wall ,if you find a line looks like a pencil 
trace, then it’s silver. See my picture as bellows:
3.Use a pin to scratch a line on somewhere unconspicuous. If you can see there is a 
scratch line and feeling it's soft then it's silver. The silver purity is higher, your 
silver jewellery is softer. If you can not scratch a line on the surface, you can know 
it’s copper. But for lead and tin, they are too easy to scratched.
4.Silver is heavier than other metal, so you can take it on your hand and feeling the weight.
5.Feeling its hardness. When you bend your silver jewelry lightly, you can feel its softness, silver shall be soft and easy bent.
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