What pearls are the best

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silver pearl necklaces

There have such a beautiful variety of cultured pearls on the market as today,silver pearl necklaces ,pearl beautiful rings for girlspearl bracelets. You can can choose from all kinds of pearls available in every size, shape and color,also attractive and high-quality pearls.


How to choose a good pearls?


In pearls, quality differences can be seen with your own naked eyes. It鈥檚 important to shop around for a good selection before making a decision.
Size & Shape:

The biger ,the rounder shall be better.Most of pearls are not perfectly round, and the rounder significantly more expensive. Pearls range from 1mm to 20mm, most of consumers buy pearls that are between 7mm and 7.5mm for the round one.The round pearl more than 8mm are very expensive. For cheap freshwater pearl normally have screw on the surface.Everybody shall pick up what size you want,silver earrings for girls you can choose 7mm,rings for girls pleas choose 8mm-10mm.

If you want to buy pearls you have to check the luster.Good pearls should have bright, even, reflective surface,also good pearls are shiny and show to be lit from within. They also reflect light better than the flawed pearls. Low-luster pearls often appear dull & chalky because the nacre is thin.High luster is high quality and it often indicative of good nacre thickness.When you choose pearls,put them next to each other and you can find the better luster one.Pls note, don鈥檛 check the pearls under the special light in the store.



Pearls come in both natural and processed colors. Natural colors are white, pink, yellow, mauve or black,black pearl is less than other colors,some of sellers dye it black before they sell it.We have ever met a client ask to plate their rings for girls pearls into 18k gold. Processed colors can be green, gold or brown,etc.

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