How to clean silver jewelry?

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Silver jewelry,we all know it can be tarnished,especially for someone.So how to clean your silver jewelry? We all know about silver polish, but few people are aware that polishing actually scrubs some silver off the surface of your treasured silver necklace or rings for girls,the problem is we maybe don鈥檛 have these high polish tools or equipments to process your silver jewelry.Sometimes your silver jewelry can be especially detrimental for silver-plated jewelry, where the layer of silver is very very thin.


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So let me introduce some easy & simple ways to clean your silver jewelry:
1.Wrap with high polish cloth
2.Clean with toothpaste
3.Clean with silver polish water


Above are all easy ways to try ,we don鈥檛 suggest any other chemical reactions try at home,especially some beautiful rings for girls with stone,you can not  use the  chemical reactions.

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