What is gemstone ?

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Everybody have ever seen “gemstone” when they were viewing the jewelry such as gemstone rings for girls,pretty necklaces for girls,etc.They were curious about what is gemstone.Gemstone can be sorted into precious gemstone and semi-precious gemstone. Precious gemstone is a kind of expensive and perfect stone,such as ruby,diamond,sapphire and emerald.And semi- gemstone are a huge of variety such as black agate,lapis,tigger eyes,turquoise…All kinds of gemstones can be used for jewelry,and precious usually used for the gold jewelry.What price a gemstone value ?

It’s very hard to say how much a gemstone cost,it depends on what kind and what class of gemstone you want.Stone can be sorted by several classes such as A+,A,B+,B,C+,C,and different stores ,they also sort different class.Many nature stone have grains exept the high end stone,stone grain is the nauture stone being so if you see a stone very beautiful and no any grains then you can know it’s hand-made stone,same with crystal.

What kinds of stone suit for guys or girls?
Let me introduce black agate ,tiger eye or jasper for guy necklaces and rings.Ruby,carnelian,crystal can be for girls,beacause all girls love colorful things,right?
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