What is cubic zirconia?

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Cubic zirconia,we also call it cz, is a synthetic gemstone that very closely resembles diamonds.It is a kind of hand-made stone  and used in rings for girls,nice pendant,necklaces,bracelets,earrings for girls,etc.They are often set in valuable metals  like gold, silver and platinum.The reasons cubic zirconia is extremely popular in fashion jewelry is not only its  sparkle,shinny,but also it鈥檚 low price.Good working (high quality) cubic zircon is startling diamond-like appearance.Everybody like something shinny,sparkle ,ah ?Cubic zirconia have several colors we usually saw: blue,colourless,red,yellow,green,and blue is the most expensive among these color for the same class cubic zirconia.
How to distinguish glass ,cubic zirconia,hand-made crystal ?

1.Glass have bubble inside.
2.Cubic zirconia take a little heavier than crystal and glass,also cubic zirconia don鈥檛 
have too many colors just like we mentioned before.
3.Crystal: when you take it on your hand,you will have ice-cold feeling.Crystal can not 
be cut into a very small piece,so we meet that very small one on the jewelry ,that shall be cubic zirconia or diamond.
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