How to choose your earrings?

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Hoop earring is popular and this trend has no sign of slowing down, because big earrings fit for any event and look very fashion, elegant. However, not everyone fit round hoop earrings. What kinds of big earring you shall choose?


You shall consider your face shape, the earrings you take can have a subtle influence on your face shape.

1.      If you have a full & round shape, you shall avoid taking hoop earring, because round hoop earrings will make your facial looks shorter and rounder. You best choice is long earrings,  Long dropping dangle earrings draw the eye down and will make your face show longer.

2.      If your face is long & thin shape, then you shall try hoop earrings, it can be circular or square shape, but not longer than your face, I believe that will make your facial looks rounder and full perfectly.


When we choose earrings, it鈥檚 not important if it鈥檚 nice at your first sight, it鈥檚 more you shall care is what kind of earrings fit you more.

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