How to Care for Your Silver and Other Jewelry?

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All silver tarnishes naturally, but higher content silver tarnishes more slowly, and not as badly as sterling. To help prevent tarnishing, store your silver jewelry in air tight plastic baggies in a cool dry place. Some jewelry boxes are lined with anti-tarnish fabric. Do not wear silver swimming! 

You can clean off tarnish using a regular cloth, or a special anti-tarnish cloth. Clean the silver carefully and avoid polishing the other beads on your jewelry, such as crystals with an AB finish, as the anti-tarnish cloth can remove that finish. Using a cloth should not damage or remove the dark oxidation in the recesses of the silver. Also used to clean the silver are lime juice or toothpaste with a soft toothbrush, then wiped clean. 

Mechanical cleaners are sold for cleaning silver and most types of jewelry, including stone and pearls. Ultrasonic cleaners are widely available. You place your jewelry in the container, turn it on, and high frequency waves dislodge dirt and grime. They are highly efficient with dense materials such as metals, but can be destructive to more porous or soft stones and pearls. They are often large enough to clean a large batch of jewelry at once. 

Ionic cleaners are not as widely available, but may be the better choice. They tend to be smaller, so that a smaller batch of jewelry is cleaned at a time, but are equally efficient as ultrasonic cleaners. More importantly, they are more gentle on softer materials, including pearls. The jewelry is placed in the bowl with a special cleaning solution, and when turned on, the device uses electrically charged ions for fast cleaning. Usually there is an automatic shut-off within a minute. The jewelry is thin rinsed in water to come out sparkling. 

For jewelry that has grease or fatty residue, a professional steam cleaning may be in order. 

Some manufacturers produce Bali and Thai-looking beads that are actually made of pewter or other alloys. Check to be sure of what you are getting... and enjoy your handcrafted silver beads!
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