What about stretchy bracelets?

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To make the totally instyle stretchy bracelets, go no further than your local bead shop! With the trend of power bracelets, a whole new generation of stretchable jewelry is taking the fashion jewelry industry by storm. Jewelry made on clear elastomer (looks like fishing line) but stretches, is showing up in just about every style imaginable. You can buy elastomer under names such as "stretch magic" or "gossamer floss" by the foot or spool at your local bead shop. Then just pick some beads you like, string them on and tie the ends in a double knot and secure with a drop of bead cement/adhesive. Make sure to pull the knot very tightly, and it will make a snug, permanent hold. You can add as many beads as you like, as long as they are not too heavy so as to stretch out the cord. You can also use a single bead and with a drop of adhesive place the bead over your knot for a seamless ultra hot look!

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